Various Types of Scaffolding and Their Uses

As you have driven or walked past buildings under construction you have seen scaffolding/stillasbyggere in use. It is a structure built temporarily to help support and elevate materials used in construction as well as the work crew as they go about their work. We build them to be used during repair and maintenance of buildings as well. They come in a variety of types as listed here below.

Scaffolding Types and How They Are Used

Scaffolding comes in a wide variety of types including rolling and static, but their use is to provide a platform for materials and workers as the work progresses. Many times we use them in the repair of buildings, cleaning windows when the building is tall to reach high objects and the like.

Supported Scaffolding

This type is mostly seen on construction sites where there is a need for elevation. When the scaffold is long or will need to bear lots of weight, it needs to have extra support, hence the name. We build this type of scaffold from the bottom up. It is said to be the safest, most convenient and easiest scaffold to build.

Suspended Scaffolding

This one is usually suspended from some tall construction or from the roof. This one is used when a base cannot be built or where you only need to access the upper levels of a building and building one from the bottom to the said upper levels is not practical. Mainly, we use them when we want to repair the exterior of tall buildings and to clean windows.

Rolling Scaffolding

This one is very similar to the supported scaffold except that its base is not stable but has wheels on it instead. We use these when we need to move from place to place. It works beautifully if you need to finish work that extends a long distance. When it is being used, the wheels are locked to ensure the safety of the workers and others who may be in the vicinity.

Mobile Scaffolding

A mobile unit is very safe provided that it is constructed properly and used in the right way. Outside of that it can be a bit dangerous to the work crew and those in the vicinity. This particular scaffold is semi-permanent. It can be taken apart, moved elsewhere and then reconstructed again.

Aerial Lifts

We use these when our workers need to have access to several different levels so as to complete their work. An aerial lift is used to move multiple workers and material in bulk from one level to the other.