Canoes and Kayaks


This canoe(padlespespesialisten) type originates from North America and was used by the local Indians for transport, hunting, and fishing. Today’s hiking Canadians are ideal for longer trips on lakes or quieter rivers, even with lots of luggage. Canadians are open at the top with a circumferential Süllrand and are seated or kneeling with a Stechpaddel drove, mostly by several people. That’s why they are often used by families.


Kayaks originate from the Eskimos. There are closed boats with a seat hatch, much flatter and narrower than Canadier. Kayak riders sit in their boat and move the boat forward with a double paddle. Kayaks are available as single or double seaters. For hiking trips, there are kayaks, which are specially designed for the luggage storage space. The kayak is the “all-around boat type” in canoeing and is used in all areas – from sea kayaks for large waters to whitewater kayaks(kajakk).

Advantages and Disadvantages

A kayak is usually faster than a canoe( But Canadians offer more train load options for luggage, which is easier to stow than in a kayak. Kayaks can be a sportier ride, even in white water. You can “eskimotieren ” with them, ie make a role through the water and drive on immediately. Canadians, on the other hand, are more resistant to tipping than kayaks on calmer waters.

Materials and Benefits

The most important materials for canoes are: Polyethylene (PE), a sturdy, relatively soft material used primarily in whitewater boats, and glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), a material that is light, hard but relatively delicate , There are also canoes in the classic style made of wood, as a particularly resistant variant made of aluminum, reduced weight in combination with carbon, and collapsible with particularly small pack size as a folding boat or inflatable dinghy with a rubber skin, or from polymer blends.

Provide overview

For most beginners, primarily touring and all-around whitewater canoes are considered, as they cover a wide range of applications. If you would like to paddle comfortably with your partner, children, a picnic basket and a dog in a boat, you are well advised to work with a larger Canadier. For sporty paddling over long distances and on the coast of the sea, touring and sea kayaks are usually the best choice. If you want to buy your own canoe with suitable accessories, you should definitely come to the World of Paddling at boot Düsseldorf. There is a comprehensive overview of the various canoe types and you can be personally and individually consulted with various exhibitors before buying.